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Avery works for CaliCo, a company with very bizarre overtime compensation benefits. Those employees who give too much of themselves to their work are forced to take a quite literal catnap vacation. However, Avery has never once gotten to take advantage of this unique job perk, and he doesn't know why. It makes him feel increasingly out of place, like he's not working hard enough, but he's giving it his all, so what is it?

When a snowstorm blocks the roads, all the employees are forced to spend the night at the office where they open a few bottles of wine to unwind. Maybe this will be what it finally takes to crack the code of CaliCo's strange workplace culture.

A story about Imposter Syndrome and belonging. Write what you know.

Written for the #OvertimeCats Light Novel Jam. ~4700 words. Release in PDF form.

Content warning: First-person account of an anxiety attack and body modification, but the goal is to leave you feeling better about the world.


A Snowstorm Locked My Whole Company In Our Building And Hey, Are We Even Allowed To Give Cats Alcohol.pdf 546 kB

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